Top 10 Running Tips for Beginners (+ Special Bonus Tip)

Every person can run, no matter if you haven’t ever ran before or if you’ve been running all of your life! So long as you have a pair of shoes, you can get out there and run!

Here are our top 10 running tips for beginners!

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1. Build a Routine

It can take 2-4 weeks to build a new habit routine.
Build some time into your weekly schedule to run.
Start by adding 30-45 minutes 2-3 times a week and increase slowly as you feel more comfortable!
2. Make Sure You Have the Right Shoes
Running with the wrong shoes can deter you from running efficiently. You want to make sure you have the right running shoe when you run! Here are some ways to know how to find the right running shoe.
So go to a running shop and get fitted or do some research on the type of feet you have.
3. Cross-Train
Cross Training is important so you work different muscles.
It also makes working out more fun. What is cross-training?
Cross-Training can be anything like biking, swimming, lifting weights, playing sports, etc.
4. Hydrate Throughout the Day with a Large Water Bottle
Studies have shown your body needs at least 15 cups of water per day!
Most of us don’t get nearly that much water.
One way to help you drink more water is investing in a nice large water bottle to carry with you throughout the day.
5. Find a Running Group
Running is much easier when done in a group and it helps someone else who may need the motivation too.
Running groups are all over the world. A great popular site to find a running group anywhere in the world is at Or you can find friends/family that want to run with you!
6. Get Plenty of Rest/Sleep
Even Jeff Bezos gets 8 hours of sleep in his hectic schedule.
Sleep is really important for your body and health. So don’t skimp out and make sure your body gets plenty of rest each night.
7. Sleep In Your Running Clothes
If you run in the morning, you can try sleeping in your running clothes.
This removes one step of having to change so you don’t have an excuse to not go for your run.
You usually don’t regret after you run but only if you never ran.
8. Eat a Balance Diet of Whole/Fresh Foods
Diet is also very important to your health and overall fitness when you run. You can read more about the top 10 foods and snacks for weight loss we wrote about here!
Every pound of excess weight you lose will make running so much easier.
Instead of dieting, try replacing foods with whole, lean, fresh foods like vegetables and lean protein (chicken, eggs) that will keep your body full so you won’t resort to processed and sugary foods.
9. Track Your Progress
Tracking Your Progress is important to keep you motivated towards your goals.
Even if you deviate a little from unexpected plans, you can always get back on track when you monitor your progress!
10. Take Walking Breaks
We all need breaks throughout the day. Walking breaks are one of the best ways to stay active while keeping your mind sharp!
So lace up your shoes and take a walk outside!

11. Set a Goal, Run a Virtual Race

Set a goal you want to reach for so you can aim towards it. A 5K race, 10K race, Half-Marathon, or even a Full Marathon are wonderful goals to aim for when you’re running more and more!
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