Our Virtual Runs

Set a Goal to Run a 5K, 10K, or 13.1 Virtually Stress-free!

Running in large crowds can be intimidating for some, and not to mention it’s dreadful to have to wake up at 5am to run a race. 

With this virtual run, you can run anywhere/anytime while still letting you set a goal to work towards! 

How to Access Custom Bib

1. Click “Find a Participant” and find your name.

2. Click on the Bib # assigned to you for your Custom (Printable) Bib.

How to Submit Results

How to Get Certificate of Completion

Simply email us at info@thebestraces.com 🙂 

For all the other tools, see your Virtual Packet email!

What you Get:

(All Shipped Direct to you):

– Race Shirt (different each time you sign-up!)

– Finisher’s Medal

– Race Bib + pins

Your Virtual Packet

Our Unique Virtual Packet includes:

Heart-Pumping Music Playlist

– Certificate of Completion

Run Together!

  • If you have a group of 5 or more interested in participating together and want to sign-up together (for the Paid Virtual Run, email us at  contact@thebestraces.com.

  • As a bonus, we’ll throw you a Pizza party after your run and order a Pizza (or Snack Box if you don’t want Pizza) for you to celebrate your accomplishment :). 

  • If 20 or more runners sign up for this virtual race, we’ll put on a run! We’ll come up with a course and bring out a Run coordinator!

E-mail us at info @ thebestraces.com