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This will be an awesome newsletter. Here’s why:

There’s no question running has tremendous benefits! You feel better, you look better, you exercise your heart, you exercise your muscles, you get time to introspect, you get to see nature, you connect with others, etc.

The only problem is often it’s hard to motivate yourself to get out of your comfortable bed or find time out of your busy schedule to run.

We’d like to help if we can.

No obligation, no frills. We just send you awesome emails about running techniques, training, and just helpful information that’ll give you that extra “push” to lace up those shoes and go out for a run!

On top of that, we have another motivating factor… we throw in contests every now and then where we look for inspirational stories, PR’s, or just people getting out there and running! And we give you a chance to win 100% Free Run Gear that we ship to you. All for just being awesome and continuing to run on!

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