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Meet Butch!

Butch signed up for our Fight COVID-19 Virtual Race with his family!

Race Start!

There was even a starting line with a helpful timer! 

Off they go

Butch ran with his son ! The bibs look great!

Finish Crowd

There was a finish  crowd with signs waiting!

Thank you so much for the opportunity again. I had big dreams at the beginning of 2020 to complete 2 marathons this year. And then COVID hit and I was frustrated, but even more determined to not let an external situation crush my dreams. I ran my first one in June, virtually. And after working through a lower leg injury in July, I was immediately started looking for virtual races in December thinking that would give me enough time to start training all over again. I was struggling to find any, but I started training anyway. The weather got colder here in CO and I started to feel doubt that I would be able to accomplish my second marathon. And then I found your page of virtual races! And at the last minute I signed up because the weather was nice here. I had completed my training schedule and I was ready to live out my dreams! So thank you for letting 2020 be a year I worked hard and accomplished all that I set out to do in the racing world this year! It is the best feeling!  – Kristy H

I wanted to share my experience/story with this run. Throughout these past however many weeks it has been since social distancing I have experienced ups and downs. I run to better myself physically and mentally. I started running this year and love doing it. I used to run at the gym but with social distancing and gyms being closed I’ve been running on the roads where I live. It’s been fine and dandy, but have been experiencing pain in my calves even with all the stretching and self-care I do. I usually push through and try my best, I take rest days when I need them. On top of that, I have personal events occurring in my life that add up. I have people who are close to me who have COVID-19 and has been hospitalized. Also, my job went virtual and I have been working from home. It’s been a challenge finding a balance to it all without losing my sanity. For the most part, I’ve been preserving through this all. Today, was a big realization that people will have those days. I had one of those days where everything was pushing my mental limit, but I pushed through. I took the time I needed after and reflected on life. There are worse things that could be happening to me, but I remember that this moment will pass. There will be days and times where we will feel defeated and want to give up. I pushed through and finished the race, might not be what I wanted but I finished the race. Sometimes just finishing is the feeling that is needed. A feeling of accomplishment. Sure, things might get tough but always look for the silver lining and keep your head up – Michaela L

Being able to spend more time with family and reprioritizing the essential things in life. I am grateful I am still able to run outside and learning to love road running when I used to run mostly on the treadmill at the gym (dreadful, I know). – Thomas H

The best thing from being quarantined is that I get to spend time with my family and enjoy eating our meals together because it seemed like we are always on different schedules. Thank you! – Yajayra G

The best thing to happen to me during this pandemic…… I’m no longer working 6-7 days a week, 12 hour shifts and have time to spend with my family and basically get reacquainted with everyone. It has been a wonderful experience, all of us coming back together. The stay at home order has been a blessing. I am thankful to God. – Butch R

The best thing I’ve experienced during this pandemic is more animal adoptions at the humane society. – Jenna M The best thing I’ve experienced during this pandemic is togetherness. I am currently deployed in Kuwait and ever since the pandemic my fellow Soldiers have been by my side the entire time embracing the same “suck” we are already used to. This is just another thing that we will overcome.. together. We love the Army and wouldn’t change a single thing. – Norman C

It’s a great way to keep up with running, during these very strange times.I look forward to more! Cool idea – doing with friends too! Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay running! – Jerry

The best thing happening for my family amidst the pandemic is getting to spend more time together as a family! My husband is active duty and was deployed last summer. He’s still working some, but not nearly as much as he normally does, so we’re enjoying the extra family time!!! – DJ

Thank you for the races and advices. We’ve been on lockdown here in France for a month, and 1 more to come Of course being stuck inside a tiny apartment is tough, but to me it’s a blessing in many ways I’m with my mom, she’s 73 so spending every single day with her is a gift, you never spend too much time with the ones you love. Also, since I can’t run or work out outside, I follow a lot of yoga, training and meditation classes on Instagram and made new friends, discovered new ways of taking care of myself, helped friends get through this… I get to appreciate the days one by one, hour after hour with my mother and my dog Yoga heals my body and soul Running twice a week is cool too though – Jess

Thank you for giving us this opportunity for a free virtual run. Running multiple times a week has given me a sense of structure in my unusual routine. I have also seen a lot of kindness from strangers that keeps me going.

Thanks and have a great day! – Tulsi

Thank you so much for sponsoring this! It gave me something to work towards and forced me to stick to my daily runs leading up to it, giving me some semblance of a routine. – Vanessa S

I hadn’t run since starting quarantine a month ago, but I remembered the 10K was today and finally made myself get out there — and I had a great time! – Elena B

Thank you so much for sending the bag with the goodies. Love it. You are amazing and I’m so grateful after this crazy time. This race “Aurora” is dedicated to my mum and my sister who are also called Aurora. For them, because they are in Spain living the worst side of this COVID-19. I know this medal and race mean lots to them. – Marina M

Thank you for the Virtual race Pack. I am currently in Lockdown in Muscat, Oman. My husband and I work at The Sultan’s School which is a day and boarding school. Our main job is to look after a group of academically strong boys called the Sultan’s Scholars who would normally board at the school during the week. They range in ages from 10 – 18 years. We spent a large part of our day trying to facilitate their online learning. To remain healthy, I have been trying to work hard at my fitness. It is a big campus so we can exercise at the appropriate distance. I have been shuffling with attitude (not sure I go at a running pace anymore!) for a while now and thought that 5km race would help keep me motivated. I look forward to being part of this unique event. – Nerina C

I get to appreciate simple things and focus on staying healthy, including runs, walks and bike rides! – Sarah R

I’ve spent so much time with my daughter! ️We’ve planted gardens and completed home projects. – Katy D

One good thing: I have started exercising again! – Amy M

One good thing that has happened to my family during this pandemic is that we have had to slow down. We have spent time together doing things that we never made time for before. – Tammy F

One good thing that has happened for me is that this pandemic and physical distancing, shelter-in-place orders has bumped attending to my personal fitness right to the top of my priority list. I’ve lost 12 pounds since March 13, and siphoning off distractions and obstacles to making time to eat right and be active! – Martha T

I am grateful that I am part of a community revival! Many people are coming together to care and lift up our community members during such a tragic time. I hope that we stay as connected and this slower pace as we continue towards the future! – Stacey

Something good that has happened to me during this pandemic is making more time for prayer, celebrating masses in different places all around the world, and finding new ways to grow in faith through zoom, virtual rosaries, and virtual conferences. – Emily K

Hi, just answering your question about “one good thing that has happened to you during this pandemic?” I am happy to be challenged. I have been pushed so far out of my comfort zone that I am forced to get creative with new ways to stay active, encouraged to learn new skills, and I find that everything I do has had a purpose. – Mariah

One good thing that has happened to me in this pandemic is I have finally had the opportunity to put myself and my well being first. I now do some sort of physical activity every day, I cook daily and track my food. I converted a spare bedroom into an at home gym. I am pleased and proud with the positive changes I have made to improve my health and fitness. – Kristy T

One good thing that has come out of this pandemic is that I’ve been able to spend more quality time with my family. – Elizabeth

The best thing that has happened to me during this pandemic is that I have been able to truly find a work/life balance.  

– Ashley G

One good thing is that now my husband walks/runs with me! Unheard of before he was forced out of the house by boredom and the fear of becoming part of the furniture! – Christine F

One good thing that has happened to me during this pandemic is the time I’ve been able to spend with my kids. It’s been over two months since I’ve been self-isolating and we’re a closer family for it. – Raigan Y

Thank for this! I’m planning a virtual Memorial Day 5K with a group of friends and am so happy to use these awesome tools! One good thing that has happened during this pandemic is that i have gone back to jogging and have already been increasing my stamina. Feels amazing! My mornings outside are the best part of most of my days. – Kerri A

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