About Us

Long story short

Half a decade ago before Color Run, we created one of the first “fun runs” and brought out a total of about 300 participants. The following year, the race grow to over 2,000 participants, The year after it grew to 6,000 participants.

Two years later, we rode the wave of the craze and brought tens of thousands of participants just in one city alone.

Six years later, the hype has dyed down but during those crazy years we learned a thing or two on putting on events and making them successful.

We travel around the country and the world participating and seeing other events to find out what it takes to put on the best races in the U.S. and Internationally.

Your Guide to the Best Races

6 Years in the Industry, 50+ events, Over 1/4 Million Participants. A guide to participating and organizing the Best Races!


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