Sponsorship & Custom Events

Let us walk with you through every step of the way to launch a fun, healthy, memorable event people will love!

What’s the one thing that will help you achieve your goals? 

We believe it’s an impactful community of people that will journey alongside you. 
We’re passionate about bringing people together while supporting local businesses through runs!
That’s why we want to help bring together local running clubs that have a virtual and in-person community.
We also want to support local business through local and national running sites that reach over 20 million people per month! 

What are Virtual Races?

      Virtual races are running events where people can sign-up, run anytime and anywhere, submit their results to be posted, and get a shirt, medal, and certificate mailed to them. They’re popular because they allow people to be a part of a healthy and fun cause while providing flexibility with busy schedules
Here are some examples of Virtual Events/Races:
They can be for a cause:
Breast Cancer Benefit:   https://runsignup.com/Race/NY/Anywhere/RunAgainstBreastCancerVirtualRace
Or they can be themed:

Run this Town:  https://runsignup.com/Race/NY/NYCTBD/RunthisTownMarathonNEWYORKCITY    

We promote races on different listing sites that have an aggregate total traffic of over 15 Million people that view their site every Month. A few sites we list on:

Race Listings Monthly Traffic within the U.S.

Eventbrite.com – 11.2 Million/ Month Traffic

Active.com – 1.4 Million/ Month Traffic

RunSignup.com – 730,000/ Month Traffic

RunningintheUSA.com – 570,000/ Month Traffic

Raceroster.com – 99,000/ Month Traffic

Raceentry.com – 76,000/Month Traffic

Raceplace.com – 50,000/ Month Traffic

These events can be targeted by location (City, State, Zip Code) so it reaches a specific demographic.
The good thing about virtual events is that they stay up for a while so our listings would be active for at least 1 year. 
On top of that, we would also promote your event and company on City/Government/News sites. 
Here are just a few examples of some of the City/Government/News Sites we’d post for one local location (Boston, MA)

boston.com – 3.2 Million/ Month Traffic

boston.gov – 1.2 Million/ Month Traffic

bostonusa.com – 1 Million/ Month Traffic

bostoncentral.com – 250,000/ Month Traffic

thebostoncalendar.com – 118,000/ Month Traffic

downtownboston.org – 61,000/ Month Traffic

Sponsorship & Vendor Exclusivity:

We only work with 1 business in the same industry within a 25 mile radius as to not create competing events within the same location. Once we’ve established a business partner in the area, we will not entertain other offers.

Customized Event – Creative & SEO Optimized:

We drive traffic to your website through either the creative design of the event and/or the SEO optimized description in the event. We can give you a metric on both signups and views (traffic) like this on the platforms that have the function:

Team members and employees can also participant in Virtual Event/Race
as a Team Building Activity or Charity Fundraiser.

Each member can sign-up to run and get a Customized Shirt/Swag!

How it Works:

1. Select the Sponsor Package that best fits your needs!

2. Pay for the Sponsor Package via Secured Paypal or Credit Card Checkout.
3. We will email you with further instructions and 100% Sign-up Codes for each employee to sign-up & enter their mailing address, shirt, and info.
3. Shirts/Medal/Swag will be mailed two weeks before the start of the virtual run.

For New Clients, we offer Trial Packages for our Services! Try it out and give us an opportunity to show you the value!
Contact us at contact@thebestraces.com for more info on Trial Packages for New Customers!

Each Package can be Customized

Customized Event for Company listed on Partner Running Sites

Custom Merch/Swag 

20 Included Race Entries


Each Package can be Customized

Everything in Silver Package Plus

Local Government/City/News Site Listings

50 Included Race Entries


Each Package can be Customized

Everything in Gold Package Plus

100 Included Race Entries


Each Package can be Customized

Everything in Diamond Package Plus

2-3 Customized Events

Custom Video & Promotion on YouTube

100 Included Race Entries


Each Package can be Customized

Everything in Platinum Package Plus

4-5 Customized Events

2 Custom Video & Promotion on YouTube 

200 Included Race Entries

Sponsorship & Virtual Race Packages

Turn Your Event Into a Fundraiser

We will walk you through a simple process and help set you up with one of our partner non-profits or help you dedicate your run to one of your choosing.  Email us here  at info@thebestraces.com or call us at 1-214-566-1818.

Customize Your Own Race

If one of our packages doesn’t fit all of your needs, we want to work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Email us here at info@thebestraces.com or call us at 1-214-566-1818. We’ll create a package that’s just right for you.