Best Goal to Start Today

What’s the best goal to have for the rest of 2022 and onwards to 2023?

Is it to run a half-marathon? Lose 10 pounds? Get a promotion? Sign-up for a race? Love your spouse or kids better?

While all those goals are great to have, we would suggest there’s an even better goal to set first.

This goal encompasses all the smaller goals like running a race or loving your spouse better.

The Best Goal to Have:
That goal is to be a better version of yourself next year than you are right now.

And while some may think that goal may be assumed, it can’t be. Because not everyone sets themselves up to be living with a growth mindset. 

The One thing you Can Control:
How much different you are next year than you are now is one thing you can control.

As Billionaire, Mark Cuban, puts it, “There’s only one thing you can control in your life–your own effort.”

Growth Mindset Leaves no Regrets in Life:

This goal sets you in a mentality that anything that helps you to grow as a person should be embraced and sometimes even sought after.

Instead of sulking in some of the things we can’t control, it actually embraces adversity and pain in life because often hard circumstances can lead us to growth.

Instead of being okay with complacency and the comforts of where we are, it seeks after challenges and new horizons deep in the longings of our heart.

It’s been said by so many who have gone through this life, that one day we’ll look back on the short time we have in this world. We won’t regret the failures we had in achieving our dreams, but only not taking the risk in going after what we wanted to do.

Our Challenge for You this Week:

Our challenge to you this week is to run a distance twice as much as you normally would. If that means 2 blocks, great! If that’s 20 miles, awesome!

As always, shoot us back a reply or let us know how you’re achieving your dreams.

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Keep Running!
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