3-step Process to Custom Photos

1. Go to https://clippingmagic.com to remove background of runner’s picture.

Click “Upload Image” or drag image.

After uploading desired image and website has finished initializing, click “download”

Wait for Download Result to finish loading

Once finished, click “download small preview”

2. Go to https://pixabay.com to choose background

Type in desired background (for ex: Paris)

Scroll down to choose your background

Click “free download”

Choose the second option (medium quality), then click “download”

3. Go to https://pixlr.com/x/ to combine images

Click “Open Image”, then choose your Background Image

To add your runner’s picture (background removed), Click “add image”

Click “Browse”, then choose your runner’s picture (background removed)

Click “add current”

Adjust your image as needed

Once done, click “save”

Final image: