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Having hosted 50+ of our own events, served over 1/4 million participants, and coordinated races in over 13 cities in the U.S., we know what it takes to help make your event successful. Below are the services we offer:

There is no financial risk or upfront fees working with us. We only succeed if you succeed.

Marketing Your Event: One of the most difficult aspects to make an event successful is marketing and balancing your budget with ROI. Below is how we can help grow your event:

  • E-mail Marketing: We target our e-mail list we’ve accumulated & built for over 6 years. Then we build, design, and e-mail our past participants.
  • Search Engine Optimization: We use SEO “white hat” best practices to build & drive long-term traffic to your event. This is a much more complex & lengthy process but the impact of it is long-term.
  • Top 4 Listings: We help you list your event on the top 4 running sites on Google to drive more traffic to your event (Active.com, Runnersworld.com, RunningintheUSA.com, Runningtimes.com).
  • Press Release: We write-up a PR article and publish it on our own site at www.thebestraces.com. You can use the article to submit to news channels, use on social media, and share with past and current participants.
  • Social Sharing: Our built platform allows participants to easily share your event on their social media accounts.
  • Re-Marketing: We use various means of re-marketing including abandoned cart methods and Facebook advanced tools.

All of the marketing services is designed to help drive traffic, sell tickets, and continue to benefit your race long-term. There is no upfront charge for these services and we only take a percentage of actual tickets sold. Any “residual” benefit is a bonus you get to keep.

Race Logistics: We want your race to succeed and be the best it can be. At the same time, we want to allow you to do what you believe is best for YOUR event. Below are services we can assist with and are completely optional.

  • Race Timing: We use chip-timing with one of the most advanced German-based timing system. Includes Race Clock, Start/Finish Inflatable, and Start/Finish line mats. Results are posted online within 24 hours after your event.
  • What is unique about us is we are able to deploy our system anywhere around the world to help time your event at a very affordable cost.
  • Permitting: We can assist with securing permits & venue permissions for your event.
  • Inventory: We have solid relationships with vendors local and internationally whom we’ve worked with for half a decade ourselves and can offer the best rates for shirts, medals, bibs, and virtually any items you may need.
  • Race-Day Equipment: We have our own warehouse of race equipment such as traffic cones, light towers, tables, tents, sandbags, start/finish equipment, sound equipment, and more.
  • Race-Day Coordination: Course setup, volunteer coordinating, packet pickup, race-day pickup, mid-point & aid stations, venue setup, course monitoring, vendor coordinating, transportation. We can assist with anything you may need help with for events up to 15,000 participants.

All-Inclusive Package for Organizations: If you’re a non-profit organization or have a cause we can be on board with, we are willing to offer all of the above services with no risk on your end. We pay for all the upfront charges & use registration fees to pay for the race expenses. We shoulder a lot of the work from start to finish, and can use one of our own brands to build an event for you.

The net profit earned after the event is split amongst us: half to pay for our services and the remaining half goes to your organization.

Your organization will only be responsible for volunteers & helping get the word out. If interested in finding out more, contact daniel@thebestraces.com

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6 Years in the Industry, 50+ events, Over 1/4 Million Participants. A guide to participating and organizing the Best Races!


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