Last Place Champ

Join the movement to inspire & encourage others to get active!

Why Join?

For Individuals:

1. To inspire your friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones to get out and be active… even if you or they finish last.

“I remember the first time I signed up for a Triathlon, I came in 2nd to last. It was still the most amazing feeling in the world to have just tried. And I accomplished something I never believed I could ever do.” – Daniel @ Last Place Champ

Mentally, Physically, Spiritually – it’s reviving to get out and celebrate accomplishing whatever your best efforts were.

Get free goodies – some encouragement as you continue in your journey and endeavors.
Just because you came in last… one of our sponsors will send you a run bag full of goodies or a card made with real flowers for free! Completely free (no credit card required).

If you have came in last place at a recent race, contact

For Race Directors:

1. To promote a good cause and boost PR

Having race directed over 50 races ourselves, we believe just having this as part of your race will boost your PR and people will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind your race.

We send to your last place finisher a free sponsor bag at zero cost to you.

Marketing Exposure

We’ll list your race and have other creative ways to help increase your exposure and tickets to your race.
If you’re a Race Director and would like to support this movement in your own race, contact

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