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 Page of Hope Now!

How do we fight? By Social Distancing and Quarantining to flatten the curve.

But while at home, we can stay active, stay healthy, and share hope. 

The COVID-19 Virus undoubtedly has had an impact on all of us… reminding us that life is uncertain and fragile. Yet at the same time each day is a gift.

For many of us, one of life’s best gifts is the ability to run. Running exercises both our body and our minds. It heals us in ways we don’t quite understand! 

Amidst this pandemic, we are hosting this FREE virtual run. Just signup with your email to register!

You should receive your virtual packet within 5-7 days after you sign-up. If you have not received it yet, please e-mail

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What do you get with this Virtual Race?

– Get a Customizable/Optional and printable Bib #

– Map out your own course to track distance or use one of our designed courses

– Get your results uploaded on our website

– Get a Certificate of Completion

– Get a Digital Card/Poster to send Someone

– Submit your stories/photos of hope and encouragement for other runners during this time and you’ll have a chance to win some awesome runner swag! 


Submit your photo and we’ll add it underneath a backdrop of you finishing with your submitted time on the finish clock!

Free Certificate of Completion!

Submit your Name, Distance, and Time and we’ll send you a custom Certificate of Completion for free!

Free Custom Bib Maker

Get a Custom Race Bib you can make from your home and print out!

Runner Pen Pals

Get connected with another runner around the world to share encouragement!

Free Course Maps

Use one of our free designed course maps or we’ll send you a tool you can use to track your own distance/course (even from your neighborhood!)

Free social Distancing Running Journal

Beautiful 2020 Time Capsule Runner’s journal designed by: Last Place Champ!

Digital Cheer Squad 

E-mail for more info!

Run Solo, Not Alone

So in this time of social distancing, let’s get creative. Let’s run apart, but still together. Here’s a few ideas of just how to make that happen.

Digital card/poster

Send a custom free digital card/poster to your friend/loved ones.

E-mail to get your E-Card!

Free COVID-19 Time Capsule

For our runner moms, here’s a free (and cool) COVID-19 Time Capsule great for your family!