Doug Sibley Fun Run
Omaha, TX

The Doug Sibley Fun Run is a special run to participate in, particularly if you’re in the Omaha area.

The race is named after Coach Doug Sibley who coughed at the Paul Pewitt High School in 1980. /Doug Sibley Fun RunCoach Sibley had an immense passion for teaching and taught for 22 years until he passed away from a massive stroke.

Coach Sibley was a loving father, teacher, coach, and friend. He also loved running and began every morning with a 4 mile run around Omaha. Because of the impact Coach Sibley had on his students, the race was organized and put on in honor of him. When he passed away, over 1,000 community members, former students, and family gathered to honor him.

The best part about doing the race is what it benefits. Below are details of how the Doug Sibley Memorial Scholarship is used: “The Doug Sibley Memorial Scholarship 1 Mile and 5K Fun Run is held to raise funds for the Doug Sibley Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is presented each year to one Paul Pewitt High School senior male athlete that exhibits the qualities that former Pewitt coach Doug Sibley would have looked for and expected from his athletes. These qualities include hard work, dedication, desire, leadership, and a never quit attitude. Several former scholarship recipients have been able to further their education beyond high school with the help of the Doug Sibley Memorial Scholarship.”

Here are three reasons why you should sign-up for the Doug Sibley Fun Run:

1. The Experience. Be immersed in an experience that is dear and loved by the locals

2. Beautiful Course. The course is relatively flat and runs through the beautiful country area.

3. The Cause. Make an impact in someone else’s life; someone whom Coach Sibley would have looked for in an athlete. Honorable traits like hard work, dedication, desire, leadership, and a never quit attitude. In many ways, you get to support building up a leader to be an example to others.

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