The New Jersey 5K run was put in conjunction with another larger event the City was planning with their major high school in the area. It was a full day event with food trucks, games, vendors, activities, and a Battle of the DJs finale to top off the day to benefit scholarships for their high school graduating seniors.

The nice thing about the event for both parties (the City and us) was we were both able to focus solely on what we were good at.

The City handled the local outreach to food trucks, vendors, volunteered, and DJs and also handled the course as they knew the area way more than any of us. We made the 5K race addition possible and really as smooth and simple as we could for the City. So we took care of all online registrations, timing the race, setting up the start and finish area, and operating the race-day check in process.

There really wasn’t a need for much collaboration since our roles were pretty well defined so I literally met with the key organizers from the City the day before the event.

On race-day, we all executed our roles and the event turned out to be an awesome first year event with almost no issues at all. It also certainly helped that the weather held up and never rained as forecasted!

All in all, this was one of our ideal events to help organize – where there is a great partnership in which each party executes their role and strengths and everyone wins in the end – particularly the graduating high school seniors whom the event was also benefiting.



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